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Rush Crane Guenther formed as a partnership 30 years ago in May 1986. The founding partners brought their shared worldview and politics into the practice of law which meant looking at the law and legal solutions from a values-based perspective and seeing the need to balance equities through the representation of working people, indigenous people, and those who were oppressed by the social system. It meant choosing to work for ordinary people, indigenous people, and workers and taking a side with them while searching for innovative solutions and social justice remedies.

Their background was in criminal law: Stuart Rush represented Leonard Peltier in his 1976 extradition proceedings; Stan Guenther and Don Crane represented the accused in the 1983 Squamish 5 case. From these beginnings, they went on to represent Indigenous people in the landmark Delgamuukw case (1991–1997); Saanichton Marina (1985) on behalf of the Tsawout Band, Deer Island, Haida v. BC. They also represented many workers and their unions, including the Farmworkers, CAIMAW, CAW, CUPW, Retail Wholesale, Longshoremen, Firefighters, Air Traffic Controllers, and Transit workers.

The practice evolved into working on the side of labour in arbitration, Labour Board, and WCB proceedings and on behalf of indigenous people in many civil cases, and the values upon which the partnership was formed guided the practice until its closure on June 30, 2017.

Stan Guenther and Don Crane are now practising at Moore Edgar Lyster and can be reached at 604 689 4457 or by email at and

Sarah O’Leary and Rolf Harrison are now practising at Harrison O’Leary Lawyers LLP. Sarah can be reached directly at 604 601 2431 or by email at Rolf can be reached directly at 604 601 2421 or at